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Bollynaline is a dance program that promotes health, wellness and awareness of Indian culture. The term comes from ‘Bolly’, referring to Bollywood dance, and ‘Naline’, the adrenaline hormone. For three hours you will learn in a fun way to be physically and mentally stronger

Bollynaline is mainly aimed at two audiences:

1. Business/corporate sector:

It is necessary to foster the spirit of friendliness and well-being in the workplace, since we spend many hours in the office and our colleagues are almost like family. Why not innovate and combat the stress of your employees with Bollynaline workshops? Improves your physical and emotional health.

For the execution of the Bollynaline program a minimum team of 30 people is necessary.

2. Schools in Spanish / Bilingual and international schools:

Knowledge based on experience is sometimes much more valuable and effective than the books themselves. With Bollynaline we want to teach the younger generations to work better in a team, to keep their brains active, to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, to improve their self-esteem and to get to know another culture.

For the execution of the Bollynaline program a maximum team of 50 students is necessary.


How does it work?

The Bollynaline program lasts for three hours, planned as follows:

30 minutes:

With visual tools you will get to know Indian dance from a cultural and biological point of view. In this way, you will be able to understand why it is an excellent exercise to improve your health.

2 hours:

Learn and perform Bollywood choreography as a team.


15 minutes:

Round of questions and answers.


15 minutes:

Team feedback session with evaluation of activity, stretching and relaxation.


Bollynaline program space:

Vinatha Sreeramkumar will go to any company or school that wants to practice Bollynaline to facilitate the approach of employees and students to dance.

Do you want more information about Bollynaline workshops?

Feel free to contact Vinatha Sreeramkumar at

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