Kuthu Dance Classes in Madrid and Online

By Vinatha Sreeramkumar, native Indian teacher

What does kuthu dance consist of?

Kuthu dance is a street dance style from South India that has gained popularity over the past few years all over the world. Originating in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, this dance form combines energetic movements with vibrant music and percussion creating a unique style that promises to bring you a feeling of euphoria and good vibes!

danza kuthu madrid

Objectives of our Kuthu Dance classes:

  1. To understand the foundation, history, types and main steps of Kuthu dance
  2. To build choreography to typical songs from the southern film industries such as Kollywood (Tamil) and Tollywood (Telugu), based in the state of Tamilnadu and Andhar Paradesh respectively in south India
  3. To experiment with different typical Kuthu dance steps and execute them along with music as a team

Learn the Kuthu dance with our native Indian teacher.

Vinatha is popularly referred to on social media as “Kuthu queen” happening to be the only professional in Madrid teaching this dance style in her classes. She has worked extensively to promote this dance form all over the world both online and through workshops in different cities internationally, apart from building her own brand “Kuthu queen” to make this style well known and more female friendly, thereby motivating people from all ages, backgrounds, skill sets and nationalities to feel the euphoria of Kuthu.

Immerse yourself in the world of Kuthu dance with Vinatha and let yourself be carried away by its energetic and contagious rhythm.

Contact us to inquire more about our combined Bollywood and Kuthu dance classes in Madrid and online so you can experience the best of both worlds and enjoy the variety of dance styles offered within the same class!

We promise you will leave feeling invigorated, full of energy and knowing something more about the rich and diverse culture of India!

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Characteristic Elements of the Kuthu Dance

  • The Kuthu dance is characterized by its energetic energy and pulsating music. Fast, rhythmic body movements are an essential part of this dance form, which is often accompanied by traditional Tamil music and heavy percussion.
  • The music that accompanies Kuthu is popularly referred to as “Gaana”: the underground, working-class musical genre that is often compared to rap music. The dancers use a combination of body movements, pelvic thrusts, hand gestures, and wild facial expressions that shakes off stress and keeps the heart pumping.
  • Kuthu dance is known for its vigorous, athletic style, which requires physical stamina and the ability to keep up with a steady beat. As opposed to the sweet and sensual facial expressions that we see in Bollywood dance,
  • Kuthu has a more spicy and wild facial expression with that swag and pure joy of enjoying and vibing to the Kuthu beat. In fact, those who are immersed in the music while dancing this genre often bite their lip or tongue depicting the raw energy and bliss they fill while dancing to the authentic kuthu rhythm.