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Bollywood film industry is known for its impressive music productions that have become a symbol of the industry. Bollywood musicals are a combination of dance, music, and drama that captivate audiences across the globe. Here are five features that make Bollywood musicals unique and unforgettable.

Catchy songs and dances

Bollywood musicals are famous for their catchy songs and dances. Songs are an integral part of the plot and help move the story forward. These songs are written and composed specifically for the film and often become popular hits.

Dancing is also an important part of a Bollywood movie, and it is used to show the emotion and energy of the characters. The dance routines are often choreographed by some of the best choreographers in the industry and feature complex, synchronized moves that look stunning on screen with more than 500 dancers on set depending on the production!

Great sets and dazzling costumes

Bollywood movies are known for their huge sets and stunning costumes. Dance sequences are performed in exotic and beautiful locations such as beaches, mountains, palaces, and temples. The costumes of the characters are spectacular and often become an important part of popular fashion trends. The use of accessories and jewelry is also very common, helping to give musical scenes a sense of opulence.

Focus on emotion and drama

Bollywood musicals often portray a lot of emotion and drama. Dance sequences along with the music are used to express the feelings of the main characters in the movie and to add an emotional touch to the story. These scenes can be sad, happy, romantic, or celebratory, and often help establish the emotional connection between the characters and the audience.

Inclusion of multiple musical genres

Music is an integral part of Bollywood movies, and the industry is not limited to just one genre of music. The music in Bollywood musicals can include genres like pop, rock, folk and classical, among others. The inclusion of different musical genres helps maintain the interest of the audience and makes the songs more exciting by offering significant variety.

Long musical scenes

Bollywood musicals are characterized by long musical scenes. Unlike movies made in the west, where songs can be a few minutes long, songs in Bollywood musicals can be up to ten minutes long, depending on the movie and the production. During these scenes, multiple camera angles are used and they focus on different characters and plot elements, helping to create a complete and immersive experience for the audience.

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