Bollywood dance has become a very popular dance due to its charm, vibrant energy, color and exoticism. A unique combination of classical Indian dances and folk dances with modern styles, which has thousands of benefits for our body. In addition, this type of dance is a great means of communication and cultural exchange between the different regions of India, and between India and the rest of the world.

Bollynaline will help you become stronger physically and mentally. Some of its benefits are listed below and we hope that it will enable you to consider changing your sedentary lifestyle:

Physical effects

Indian dance is an excellent aerobic exercise. Dancing raises our heart rate, moves almost all the muscles of our body and raises our levels of adrenaline, thanks to its dynamism, jumps and fast rhythm. Several studies have shown that older adults can significantly improve their muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, balance, and agility through dance. By keeping ourselves active, dance accelerates our metabolism and helps us burn more calories. So, dancing as part of our weekly routine during the week is a great ally against obesity.

Psychological effects

Physical activity has positive effects on depression, anxiety, heart failure, stroke, sleep, and cognition. It has a positive effect on people with Parkinson’s and in people with dementia, since dance evokes emotions and awakens memories. In addition, dance promotes the release of well-being hormones, the so-called endorphins that, given the society in which we live, help us combat stress. Dancing is therefore an entertaining physical activity because it brings us joy and fun.

Mental training

When practicing Indian dance, our brain is constantly receiving sensory signals from the music that we play, which then requires the generation of coordinated and accelerated motor responses from our side. In other words, dance is part of the “action observation network” or “mirror neuron system”, which basically allows those who do it, to observe and simulate the actions of others, involving different parts of the brain.

Our movements become perfect thanks to observation, spatial orientation, movement metrics and body coordination.


With its hand gestures (mudras), footwork and facial expressions (rasas), this type of dance is a very attractive way to immerse ourselves in the rich culture and traditions of India. With our method, you will be able to learn authentic Bollywood dance that fuses some elements from the 21 different types of Indian dances.

Dance is an integral part of Bollywood cinema, the largest film industry in the world (yes, larger than Hollywood). Therefore, it serves as a platform to promote Indian dance styles and tell the story of India to the rest of the world.

We encourage you to experiment with the world of Indian dance with us because, as the American Dance Therapy Association states, dance promotes “emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration of the individual”.

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