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People often confuse bollywood dance with belly dance or bellydance, especially in the west. So in this post, we wanted to explain the difference between these two dances.

What does belly dance consist of?

The origin of belly dance is uncertain, although relics have been found in ritual dances of the Middle East, in ancient images and texts recognizable as belly dance.

Belly dance is also known as oriental dance, in Arabic, Raqs Sharqi, and it combines hip movements (undulations, vibrations, fast hip movements) with simple and graceful arm moves.

Geographically we can locate the epicenter of belly dance in Egypt, since the Egyptian style is the most well-known form in the world and whose technique involves more complex work, although we could also trace it to Lebanon or Turkey.

The expressiveness of this dance is based on the expression of emotions by its dancers and the music usually speaks of love. Free and fluid arm movements give this type of dance an improvised charm making it unique.


As we have mentioned in previous posts, Bollywood originates from India. It is a term related to the Indian cinema industry. Bollywood is the combination of the words B from Bombay (where the film industry is physically located) + Hollywood.

Bollywood movies are renowned for their musical numbers that are a part of Indian culture.

Bollywood dance refers to this genre of cinema and basically consists of recreating those choreographies that are part of the songs in the movies using different styles of Indian dance. In these types of movies, we can see different classical Indian dances, but also elements of different styles such as Funky, hip hop, break dance and even bellydance that blend perfectly with classical Indian dances such as Bharatanatyam, creating an interesting fusion.

If you are interested in Indian dance, Bollywood dance is a great option since it is a dynamic, fun dance style that allows you to do cardiovascular exercise while learning about the rich culture of India.

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