consejos para viajar a la india danza bollywood madrid

Do you love Bollywood and want to travel to India to learn about its rich culture and traditions? Don’t worry! We got you covered 😉 In this post we want have 5 tips for you that you should keep in mind before traveling to this extraordinary country.

1.- Documentation to travel to India

Keep in mind that if you plan to travel to India, it is essential to have a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months before the return date. If you plan to enter India twice, you must apply for a multiple entry visa.

Luckily it is no longer necessary to process the visa at the Embassy of India in Spain since you can do it online by using the following link

The validity of this visa is 30 days from your date of arrival in India.

2.- Mandatory Vaccines

Don’t worry! For residents in Spain there is no compulsory vaccination, unless you are visiting a country at risk for other diseases before visiting India. In this case, you will be asked to administer the vaccine for yellow fever vaccine, even if you were only at the airport in your previous destination.

In any case, depending on where you are going in India and what you plan to do (hiking, visiting forests or risk areas) it might be advisable to get vaccinated against hepatitis A and B and typhoid fever. But if you are only visiting urban destinations and will be staying at least 3-star hotels throughout your stay, then it might not be necessary at all.

We recommend you to pay for an international health insurance with assistance abroad with full coverage of medical services.

Be careful with stray animals in India to avoid possible exposure to rabies.

3.- The time difference between India and Spain is only 4,5 hours in winter and 3,5 hours in summer.

Meaning, from the end of March to the end of October there India will be 3 and a half hours ahead and during the rest of the year, India will be ahead of Spain by 4 and a half hours.

4.- The currency of India is the rupee.

In order to pay cash in India, you will need to exchange Euros for Rupees. This is perhaps one of the most important tips that you must take into account, because you will not be able to pay with euros in India outside the airport areas.

1 euro today (February 2023) is approximately 88 rupees.

All major credit and debit cards are accepted in stores and restaurants in India, except for in the local markets and street side stalls of course.

5.- English is considered the official language of India (even though every state has its own regional language).

If you know English you will have no problem in communicating with people in India since together with Hindi it is an official language of the country (owing to the fact that India was a British colony for many centuries). Although there are 21 official languages in India, call mom while traveling from one state to another you can communicate with almost everyone in English during your trip, especially if it is with people who have received an education.

We hope that by following these tips you will be able to travel to India and learn more about its extraordinary culture and traditions and of course learn more about the Bollywood film industry.

Do not forget to visit Bombay/Mumbai, the epicenter of the Bollywood cinema industry and dance.  If you do, don’t forget to add the “Film city” to your list of touristic destinations and its Bollywood theme park, where you can enjoy activities, Bollywood-based musicals and learn about the different dance genres that influence Bollywood dance.

Enjoy India!


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