oportunidad a la danza bollywood

Bollywood is a type of Indian dance that is in fashion. It is a fun dance style is also an excellent cardiovascular exercise.

Bollywood dance is a fusion between Indian dance and different styles such as Funky, break dance and bellydance.

Still not sure whether to start Bollywood dance training? In this post we want to give you 5 reasons why you should give it a try and hope to encourage you to try Bollywood dance.

1. Catchy, Energetic and Cheerful Music

Bollywood dance has its origins in the Indian film industry that bears the same name. Created initially for the wonderful musicals of this industry, Bollywood music provides great soundtracks for each type of choreography.

Each Bollywood song tells a story that can be expressed through the steps in a Bollywood routine that uses different parts of the body and hands.

2. Improves Coordination and rhythm

Bollywood dance movements require complete concentration since the purpose is to express the story that you will convey through dance. In this way we work on developing a natural rhythm thus improving our balance and coordination.

3. Aerobic Training

Bollywood dance is a great cardiovascular exercise, thanks to the fact that we use arm, hip, leg and head movements.

Bollywood dance is a very energetic dance style thereby enabling an increase in the supply of oxygen to the main muscles of the body, which requires a great aerobic effort and helps improve muscular resistance.

4. Tones the body

In addition, since in Bollywood dance, we move at a really fast pace, we simultaneously involve and coordinate different parts of the body, such as the legs, arms, hands, neck, and facial muscles there by making it in a real workout. Every dance routine burns approximately 300 calories per hour and helps tone muscles, especially in the arms and the legs.

5. Relieves stress

Like other dance genres, Bollywood dance is a great stress reliever, considered the perfect remedy for a bad day or mood, due to its upbeat and fun nature.

Thanks to the level of concentration that it requires, Bollywood dance helps us forget our problems and worries of everyday life for an hour and helps us move and feel good thanks to the release of endorphins (the feel-good hormones in our system).

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