aprender a bailar danza bollywood

As we have commented in our previous posts, Bollywood dance comes from the Bollywood film industry that produces around 2000 films a year and is definitely the best known type of Indian dance known internationally since it is a fusion of different elements of Indian dance styles and modern dances such as hip hop or Latin dances.

The interesting thing about this Indian dance is that it can be danced by anyone regardless of their age, since there is a wide variety of choreographies with different levels of complexity.

Bollywood Dance Classes

Our Bollywood dance classes are designed for people from different levels of dance technique so that you can learn the different styles of this type of Indian dance, as well as being able to express yourself with hip movements and hand gestures such as “mudras”.

During the classes you will learn to perform the different mudras along with understanding their meanings that will allow you to express yourself in the best way during each choreography. Some of them can be done along with facial expressions in order to convey an emotion or tell the story as part of the theme of the song that we are dancing to.

In our dance classes, we encourage teamwork, in addition to practicing technique and doing aerobic exercise through dance.

Before starting a Bollywood dance class, we will warm up your body for 15 minutes. This is important to avoid possible injuries and stiffness, in addition to helping us with the flexibility of our body before we can start with the dance routine.

We will also work on Bollywood dance technique alongside the corresponding choreography of each month. We will practice the basic steps and movements that will be used in the choreography. Later we will proceed to execute the group choreography with music as a team.

Finally, we will finish the classes with stretching to avoid injuries and reduce muscle pain.

Bollywood for all ages

Although many people may think otherwise, Bollywood dance is suitable for all ages! Since it has different levels of complexity.

In our school, we have dance classes for boys and girls between 4 and 12 years of age. Dance classes provide boys and girls with a fun physical activity and therefore a great way for them to “exercise” their body and mind.

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