danza clasica de la india

Today, we wanted to talk to you about the importance of training in Indian classical dance styles as a foundation for learning Bollywood dance. When we meet dancers from different backgrounds, there is one feature that always stands out in those trained in classical dance styles: discipline. This might seem like a minor feature to consider, but with time, dancers with discipline outshine those who are not used to being disciplined, not because they are not good at what they do, but because those who are perseverant stand out for the quality of their work.

Time to master classical dance

In India, it takes around 10 to 12 years, to become proficient in any classical dance style. And this period of training shapes you as a person: for one, it trains you to be patient, to persevere to achieve, what at the beginning seems almost impossible and gives you a huge base with extensive training in coordination, rhythm and lines that stay with you forever. For children, this is probably one of the most important lessons learnt in discipline. Learning and patiently teaching oneself to practice and be disciplined and respect an artform for many years is a way of life for children who start training in classical dance styles at a young age.

Learn classical dance styles

While we emphasize on the importance of learning classical dance styles as a method for rigorous training and discipline, classical dance provides a framework and structure that is primordial for being professional, innovative and understanding Bollywood dance. It has a broad repertoire of elements that teach you culture and these elements can then be incorporated in bollywood choreography in order to give it flavor and authenticity. Moreover, most Indian classical styles originate form centuries back with their roots in mythology, hence converting itself in a form of worship and education. Above all, the intricacy of classical dance is vital to three things that are indispensable to dance and choreography: body control, expression of emotions and development of one´s personality.

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