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A good work environment contributes to improving the productivity of the company and promoting the professional growth of the worker. To create a climate of harmony, companies need to motivate their employees and offer incentives. A good way to achieve this is with ‘team building’: group activities that improve interpersonal relationships.

Surely many of you are tired of business lunches, English courses during the workday etc., you get along well with your colleagues, but these activities end up becoming obligations, where you don’t disconnect from the work environment.

For this reason, our program “Bollynaline” proposes a fun Team Building activity, with Indian dance. Despite the indisputable positive effects of exercising, fidelity to training routines and programs to improve our heart rate still falls short of the expected level of success. Companies should be more concerned about the physical well-being of their workers and dance stands out as a promising Team Building activity. Discover some of the benefits of dancing below and hopefully it encourages you to convince yourself and your colleagues to start moving:

Dancing is fun

Unlike other physical activities, Indian dance uses performance and artistic expression, and it makes you feel like you’re having fun from the very first minute. Dancing produces physical results comparable to formal fitness training. In addition, it improves social and behavioral factors, such as self-motivation. It improves the emotional, psychological and physical well-being of people.

Anyone can dance

If you say the word ‘dance’ to a worker, many might feel shy to begin dancing straight away. But with Bollynaline’s Indian dance program it’s not about being a professional dancer, it’s about enjoying yourself in a group. The musical genre, the technical ability, the age… it doesn’t matter; anyone can adapt to a dance class and start learning new skills.

An activity to improve social skills

Going for a run, going to the gym… are exercises that depend on the willpower of the person to ensure adherence. A dance class organized by the company motivates employees to be part of a team and thus creates commitment. Dancing is a cognitive activity that promotes social integration. Remember that group activities, such as Zumba, are popular primarily because they make it easier for you to work harder at keeping up and interacting with your peers while exercising.

Dancing doesn’t hurt you

In contrast to demanding sports or weight training, dancing gives you the opportunity to choose and adjust your speed when you feel uncomfortable. With a trained Bollywood dance teacher, like Vinatha Sreeramkumar, and the right preparation, your body and mind are coordinated to keep up with the class, and the chance of getting injured is minimal.


Dance demands the full attention of an individual. Music makes us aware of how our body reacts: its movements, its strengths, its weaknesses, as well as being aware of our emotions, sentiments and feelings. If you have ever danced before, you might have learnt that your concentration has to be at its 100% and you can only think about your breathing and the execution of the dance steps while performing the routine. It is recognized that dance helps us let go of stress, forget about our daily problems and bury our negativity. What better way than dancing to improve our self-esteem!


From hand movements to expressions, everything in Indian dance has a meaning and a reason. You will learn new musical genres and the stories told in each song. In addition, you will be able to practice English, since the Bollynaline program can be in Spanish or English. In short, you will discover the fascinating culture of India.

If after reading this and have learnt about some of the many benefits of Indian dance and you have a few more questions or want to ask about our availability, do not hesitate to contact us at click here and start dancing!

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