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Did you know the term bollywood fitness? It is an innovative way to lose weight through dance. With this strategy, you can burn calories while moving to the rhythm of the best Indian dance numbers from Bollywood movies. This new form of dance fitness mixes hip hop and aerobics with movements from Indian classical dance, making it a fun fusion dance style.

As we have commented in previous posts, Bollywood dance includes typical moves to Indian songs with different musical genres, mixed with Western pop choreography. This is how the idea of ​​creating a more exotic and fun way to burn calories arose.

Bollywood Fitness helps burn calories

Bollywood fitness is a great cardiovascular exercise. In any aerobic activity, the heart rate ranges between 60-70 percent of each person’s maximum capacity. If we add hip hop and Bollywood movements to dance, an even greater physical effort is required, allowing us to burn a greater number of calories.

Although in most aerobic activities the legs are mainly involved, Bollywood uses movements of the arms, hips and the head, thereby adding more sensual and vigorous movements to the physical activity, involving the entire body.

Compared to other types of dances such as “Sevillanas”, Bollywood does not involve four or five steps, there are an infinite number of variations depending on the music, so we would have choreographies of a wide variety of steps that include moving arms, legs, hips and we could even include steps from other genres like Latin dance styles, funky or belly dance.

Bollywood Fitness: Suitable for all Ages

This new way of exercising by dancing to Bollywood music is suitable for all ages, since there are different levels of complexity that are adapted according to the age and level of each person.

A one-hour Bollywood fitness session includes a very intense warm-up, fun choreography, a cool-down phase, and some stretching. Apart from cardiovascular fitness, Bollywood dance also helps coordination of movements and flexibility of the body.

To start burning calories while you dance and to learn one of the most trending dance styles at the moment, contact us for more information about our classes: bollynaline@gmail.com

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